Chandrababu Naidu Launches Mobile App To Receive Real feedback

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu launched a ‘feature-less’ mobile application “CM Connect” through which people could connect directly with head of the state. The app runs on Microsoft’s Kaizala platform. Calling it a “unique app in the world,” Mr Naidu told reporters after launching the app, “This is a very interesting experiment. This is a milestone as we are moving for a real-time e-governance, and one that makes people partners in development.”

Ironically, the state government used the Kaizala app for the first time during the Krishna Pushkarams in August last year, but it proved to be a failure. It is more a feature than the mobile app in the strict sense, which is built into Kaizala through which smart phone users could respond to a question posed by the Chief Minister’s Office and insert a brief comment.

The Chief Minister said that over 3000 users responded to their question, “Are you satisfied with the government’s performance?” “A whopping 75 per cent rated the government’s performance as good with just four per cent saying it was bad. I will have a team in my office to monitor the public response and take required action,” he said. Interestingly, those who said that the government’s performance was good also had complaints to make. One farmer from East Godavari district complained that the second installment of his loan waiver was never delivered despite repeated visits to the authorities concerned. A farmer from Amaravati capital region complained that he was not being issued the pattadar passbook (denoting the title deed) for his agricultural land. I met you personally five times over the issue but to no avail,” he told the Chief Minister.

Another person from Prakasam district brought to the notice of the CM that the local TDP legislator promised to build a road in his village, but failed to keep the word in three years. One user from Vizianagaram district heaped praise on the AP CM as well as Union Civil Aviation Minister P Ashok Gajapati Raju, even as he cited lack of any development in his village.

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“The state seems to be developing but not our village,” he wrote. After reading out the responses, Mr Naidu said, “People are happy with our government but it is coming with a rider.” When asked about the lack of features in the application, the Chief Minister said some more (features) would be added in the days to come. “This is a very interesting experiment we are doing using technology. This is unique not only in the country, but also in the world. People should be positive and be truthful in their response,” he added.

Source :http://www.ndtv.comĀ 

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