Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu spoke in the meeting at Anantapur District Dharmavaram and once again breathed fire on opposition and Sakshi media channel. He flayed Sakshi magazine as a detective magazine, writing imaginary stories and reports. He also said that people reading the Sakhi magazine will become paranoid and worried and those who will not read it will be peaceful. He asked people to kill the magazine naturally by stopping to read it.

Talking about himself, he said that he is there wherever poor are there and works day and night for the poor and said that if he alone works entire state will be happy.

He asked people to not have apprehensions about Pulse Survey and reiterated that he will give pensions if anybody is not receiving it.

In the same length he said that Telangana State Cheif Minister KCR is crushing media and opposition in his state.

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