Govt gives nod for CRDA’s Negotiable Settlement Policy

The state government has decided to acquire lands in capital city area, Amaravati, by introducing a Negotiable Settlement Policy rather than implementation of Land Acquisition Act 2013 claiming using the L A Act is “time consuming”.The government is taking steps to procure lands in the area exempted under land pooling scheme in Amaravati for laying of some priority roads and to create other infrastructure. Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) has been given permission to implement a negotiation settlement policy to procure lands in the residential zone (R1).

The APCRDA has proposed double structure value to houses and residential plots excluding common area and land to land for the same land use under the settlement policy.  In a report to the state government, CRDA stated that while executing the construction of capital city development project, it is found that certain priority roads are coming in the area exempted under Land Pooling Scheme.“Land Pooling Scheme (LPS) is not applicable in the exempted residential area and the process of Land Acquisition under LA R&R Act, 2013, is time consuming.

So, acquiring the area required as per Master Plan or development plan within the village planning zone (R1 Zone) and also certain scattered houses within LPS existing outside R1 Zone through negotiated settlement as per Section 124 of AP CRDA Act, 2014,” the CRDA Commissioner suggested to the government.Following the report of CRDA Commissioner, the state government has given its nod to the negotiation plan and issued orders on Wednesday.

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As per the plan, the structure value will be doubled for houses and residential plots in R 1 zone and the value would be ascertained by the R&B Department.Plots would be given in nearest rehabilitation colony equal to plinth area of structure or house site with applicable zoning regulations. It also proposed land to land for land use to the properties of non agriculture or other use in R 1 zone. Same is applicable for properties of commercial and industrial use in R 1 zone.For scattered residential houses in LPS area other than R1 zone or lanka lands, the CRDA proposed allotment of residential entitled nearest standard plot as per plot allotment policy subject to maximum of 500 square yards in rehabilitation colony.

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