Growing indiscipline irks Naidu

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president and Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu has expressed anguish over the growing indiscipline and casual attitude in the party. The TDP is known for its discipline and values. Recalling that leaders, irrespective of their seniority, participated in a march organised from Goshamahal stadium to the Parade Grounds in Hyderabad in hot summer, Mr. Naidu said, “Of late, indiscipline is growing in the party. I don’t say commitment has lessened in any way but some sort of take it easy attitude has set in.”

He was addressing a TDP workshop for MLAs, MLCs and MPs, Mr. Naidu said, “Membership, cadre, commitment, discipline, credibility and values have been driving force behind the party. Anything against these core principles are not acceptable.” Asking the leaders to shun their “bloated egos,” he warned that any wrongdoing on their part would not be tolerated.

“The need of hour,” Mr. Naidu said, “is political consolidation.” The TDP has to reinforce its position in the State. A collective vision and focus was required to achieve the target. “We have crossed the half-way mark after we got mandate. It’s time for us to review and plan for the future,” he said.

Everyone aspires to be MLA or minister and for that matter as Chief Minister forever. For which, one needs to have skills, capabilities and efficiency. Even Manmohan Singh served as Prime Minister without being elected directly. “Unless you mingle with people and cadre, you cannot excel as a political leader.” There was a fundamental difference between professional leadership like Dr. Manmohan Singh’s and political leadership. US President-elect Donald Trump got connected to the public with his promise that he would do justice to locals, he pointed out.

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The State government will soon open a toll-free telephone line to enable people to report corruption in its departments, he said in response to complaints raised by some MLAs on corrupt practices in certain departments. “I have a survey report on various departments. The Revenue Department tops the list in corruption with 44 per cent. In six months, I will totally cleanse the department and make it transparent,” he said. Deputy Chief Minister N. Chinarajappa, TDP AP unit president K. Kala Venkata Rao and other leaders attended.

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