haleem in vijayawada

The wait for the delicious ‘haleem’ is to end in a couple of days as Ramzan, the holy month of Muslims, is set to begin in the city.

Eateries offering haleem, a favorite snack for non-vegetarians irrespective of religion, are coming up at various locations in vijayawada city for the sake of food buffs.

Though haleem is not a native dish of the city, over the past many years it made its way into Vijayawada with many local kitchens offering it at affordable prices.

More than a dozen haleem centres are coming up at the Panja centre of Old City where there is a huge number of the Muslim population. People from nearby areas throng the place to savour the dish each year.

 Haleem ‘battis’ are coming up in many other areas and chefs from Telangana are usually roped in to cook the dish. Star hotels do not miss including haleem in their menu and they are gearing up to do so this season.

The price of the dish varies between 100 Rs and 300 Rs per 300 gm depending on the eatery.

Haleem made with meat, wheat and other ingredients is considered the best food to cater to the needs of the body after fasting for a whole day during Ramzan. Of late, ‘vegetarian haleem’ is also making its way to the market.

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