Only 33 of the 416 ATMs in the city functioning

There were no long queues in front of majority of the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the State. People were seen standing in front of the ATMs at a very few centres. Surprising isn’t it? The thin rush is not because that the people have enough cash on their hands or that the currency crunch has eased.

The dry run at ATMs returned on Monday and thousands remained cash-strapped on the last day of the three-day bank holiday. The banks were shut on the occasion of Eid Milad on Monday. People had no other option to withdraw money except to rely on the ATMs. But with the ATM kiosks remaining cashless, the people’s wait for money has only increased. According to information, only 5,900 of the 8,036 ATMs across the State as on November 21 are active. Majority of these ATMs were dysfunctional on Monday as the bankers could not replenish them with cash.

For instance, only 33 ATMs were functioning in the city by 5 p.m. on Monday. As many as 416 ATMs in the city and suburbs, including Gannavaram, Penamaluru and Thotlavalluru, were not functioning as against a total of 449 ATMs. There are 54 ATMs in Patamata area. However, only six were functioning. Likewise, there are 50 ATMs in Satyanarayanapuram area. But, only four dispensed cash. Of the 92 ATMs in the suburbs, only one ATM was functioning. None of the 34 ATMs in Penamaluru, which is very close to the city, were functioning, sources say.

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A mad rush was witnessed at banks on Friday to withdraw money. But there were those who could not go to the banks and their lifeline was the ATMs. “I had to look for ATMs to withdraw cash, but in vain. Most ATMs were dry. Buying vegetables is a Herculean task, as the vendors don’t have swiping machines,” says S.Laskhmi, a resident of Krishnalanka. A few lucky people had a respite from non-availability of cash as firms like D Mart dispensed cash. The people made a beeline in front of D Mart at Bavajipet here to fetch a few currency notes. The firm dispensed Rs. 2,000 per head. The banks are likely to witness a rush of people on Tuesday, when the operations resume.

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