Krishna Pushkaralu is most commonly stated as it is the festival of the River Krishna. The main significance of this Krishna Pushkaralu is that it occurs once in every 12 years in other words called as Pushakaram.

Krishna Pushkaralu will be held from 12th – 23rd of August month 2016. Generally the banks that come across the Krishna River are called as Pushka Ghats. AP Governments have reportedly focussed on the arrangements of the same. More than 3.5 crore people are expected to take a holy dip over the next two weeks at the Krishna River Festival and the Andhra Pradesh government is pulling all stops to make it memorable.

Ghat Name Address
Bhavani Ghat Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada
Durga Ghat Foot over bridge staircase, Vijayawada
Ferry Ghat Ibrahimpatnam Ring Bus Stop, Vijayawada
Krishnaveni Ghat Krishnaveni Ghat, Vijayawada
Padmavathi Ghat Padmavathi Ghat, Vijayawada
Punnami Ghat Punnami Ghat,Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada
Vijayakrishna Ghat Siddem Krishna Reddy Road, Bapanayyanagar, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada
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