Sand mining stops water flow in Krishna river

Sand mining machinery is a threat to the Krishna river. Cranes and dredging machinery in Uddandarayunipalem and other areas of the Amaravati capital region, near the house of AP CM, N.Chandrababu Naidu, is looming as a danger to the environment. The locals are blaming construction of a ramp in the Krishna river which they say is stopping the water flow in the river. They are also  demanding the removal of a road constructed in the river like a wall.

The locals of Uddandarayunipalem, Lingayapalem and Peda Palem villages of Amaravati Capital Region allege that  3 km of road was constructed in the Krishna river, stopping water flow, for sand digging. N. Suresh and others said that there are 300 acres of an island, Pedalanka in the Krishna river and huge sand stocks are available beside the area, hence 3 km of road like a big wall was constructed in the river.

They recalled that earlier there was a ramp for sand transportation at Uddandrayunipalem and now another ramp of 3 km road was constructed for sand transportation. They claimed that the government had given permission for sand digging for the construction of Temporary Secretariat buildings, but the Telugu Desam leaders are illegally digging sand with cranes and dredges, which became a big threat to the environment. They lamented that continuous transportation of sand through 600 lorries damaged the roads and further released dust, which is affecting their health as they are suffering from respiratory and skin infections.

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They added that there were 600 acres of farmlands in which all types of crops including commercial crops were under cultivation. But the sand digging was causing erosion at Peda Palem and Uddandarayunipalem and their farmlands would be marooned in the river water if the sand digging continued. As many as 100 families were living in Pedalanka and feared being submerged in the Pedalanka island due to sand digging. Mentioning about the usage of dredgers and cranes for sand digging, they added that there is a ban by the government against usage of machinery in sand quarries.

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