According to a new report, published on the thyroid panel test by the global diagnostic chain SRL Diagnostics, almost 32 per cent of the Indian population is suffering from various kinds of thyroid disorders. The report also reveals that sub-clinical hypothyroidism which is a relatively mild form of hypothyroidism (underproduction of hormones) is the most prevalent form of thyroid disorder across the country. Sub-clinical hypothyroidism is a disorder in which the thyroid functions just below the normal level. It is a silent disease where the symptoms are subtle and may be often missed during diagnosis.

The report further states that people living in the Northern regions of the country have reported maximum cases of hypothyroidism as compared to the rest of the country. Thyroid diseases are more commonly seen in women and cause a number of problems, most notably, weight gain and hormonal imbalances. However, men are also at risk, though their chances of suffering from thyroid diseases are considered to be less as compared to women.

People who may have had a history of thyroid problems in their family could be at a higher risk of developing the same. Therefore, you must be completely aware of your family’s medical history as it can have a direct impact on your health.

Thyroid can be managed and controlled with the help of a good diet including foods rich iodine, protein-packed nuts and eggs, probiotics like yogurt and healthy fats such as desi ghee that help in balancing your hormones.

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