Former TDP Minister Kollu Ravindra hatched a plan for the killing of YSRC leader Moka Bhaskar Rao, 57, and a few others and monitored the execution of the crime with his henchmen over the mobile phones of his followers and personal assistants, according to the police.

“Mr. Ravindra guided the accused to attack the victim on his chest to ensure his death,” Krishna district Superintendent of Police (SP) M. Ravindranath Babu said, adding that the former Minister was produced in court which remanded him to judicial custody.

Explaining Mr. Ravindra’s role in the killing of Bhaskar Rao, the SP said Chinni, Nancharayya and others — the accused who were arrested in the case — were in touch with Mr. Ravindra before and after the crime. Mr. Ravindra discussed the murder plan several times till June 29.

“Based on the confession of the arrested persons, police visited Mr. Ravindra’s house on July 3 to serve notice, but the latter escaped from the backside of his house by scaling the compound wall. One of the special team members, tracked and arrested him at Tuni, while he was on the run,” Mr. Babu said at a press conference here on July 4.

The gang had attempted to kill the former Market Yard Committee chairman in 2013 and again on June 28. They were successful in executing their plan the next day. Mr. Ravindra was tracking the crime from time to time through the mobile phones of his personal assistants, Rizwan and K. Ramu, whose call data was collected.

“This is a political murder. The gang was planning to eliminate Bhaskar Rao for the last few years as he was progressing in their rival party and obstructing their growth. Kollu Ravindra assured all support to the accused and urged them to not reveal his name,” the SP said.

After attacking Bhaskar Rao in the fish market, near Koneru Centre on June 29, Nancharayya spoke to Mr. Ravindra through his PA’s mobile phone before fleeing and said ‘Anna, Work is Over’, to which Mr. Ravindra replied “Okay”. “As per the confession of the other gang members, the murder occurred with full knowledge and guidance of the former minister. Police are trying to apprehend the remaining accused in the case,” Mr. Babu said.

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