Four notifications to acquire 660 acres of land

A notification was issued on Thursday, for the largest land acquisition procedure to be conducted for the establishment of the new capital Amaravati. LA notifications so far have only been issued for the acquisition of a few acres of land, but this notification has announced that 660 acres of land will be collected from 902 land owners in anti-LPS Penumaka of the Amaravati Capital Region.

A majority of the 29 villages in the Amaravati Capital Region had agreed to pool their farmlands, except Penumaka and Undavalli. These two villages became major hurdles in the Amaravati Project. The officials tried several times to request the villagers of the two villages to give up their lands, but the villagers refused to co-operate; and so the government finally issued an LA notification, prompting severe protests from the locals.

G. Naresh Reddy, D. Balaji, and M. Hariprasad, farmers who are not in favour of the land pooling, say that the APCRDA began a game of fear and intimidation a year and a half ago. They say that the government’s tactics have now climaxed in the form of an notification. They recall that CM N.Chandrababu Naidu had announced in the Assembly that farmlands would be pooled from farmers who were willing to participate, and that the farmers who were unwilling would be allowed to retain their land for cultivation.

They claim that only 900 acres of land is required for the Amaravati Government Core Capital, and the rest of the acquired land will be given to multinationals and corporates for private development. The farmers say that their lands are being allotted by the  Government to private institutions at a rate of Rs 4 crore per acre; and they claim that the government is depriving them of their livelihoods and conducting a real estate business.

They say that their farmlands are very fertile and can be used for cultivation throughout the year. Meanwhile, Guntur collector Kantilal Dande issued four LA notifications, and has asked the affected farmers to submit their objections in 60 days. An inquiry will be conducted on June 27.

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