The police arrested seven persons, including the wife of Big Boss fame Nutan Naidu, N.Priya Madhuri on charges of assaulting and tonsuring a 20 year old Dalit youth on Friday.

The police collected CCTV footage at Nutan Naidu’s house, which reportedly revealed that the accused thrashed and tonsured K.Srikanth, resident of Pendurthi.

The arrested included T.Indira Rani (26), housekeeping supervisor, Ch. Varahalu (35), Supervisor, I. Ravi Kumar (26), a barber, S Balagangadhar (29), M Jhansi (19) and M Sowjanya (29), staff at Nutan Naidu’s house.

The Police Commissioner said Srikanth worked as a housekeeping boy at Nutan Naidu’s house for six months till he quit the job on August 1. On August 27, Varahalu asked him to come to the house. When Srikanth went to the house, Priya Madhuri allegedly accused him of stealing her iPhone.

Srikanth, who refuted the charge, came back from the house. However, Varahalu again asked him to come to the house on Friday. Srikanth was allegedly abused and thrashed by some of the inmates and staff with sticks and steel rods. Later, the accused called Ravi Kumar, who tonsured Srikanth. They allegedly threatened him not to reveal the incident to anyone.

Srikanth who belongs to the Mala community categorized as Scheduled Caste, alleged that after attacking him the family threatened to file a case of sexual harassment against him. “I was assaulted for nearly four hours,” Srikanth alleged.

The police have also released video footage of the incident based on CCTV footage from inside the residence. In the video, the young man could be seen kneeling on the floor and being beaten with a stick as Madhu Priya watched the attack. Some of the accused stood taking videos and photographs of the assault. Another video shows the victim sitting on the floor, as his head is being tonsured.

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