The robbery was planned for days. Gold and silver ornaments worth over Rs 4 crore were stolen from a jewellery store on Katurivari street under One Town police station limits. The police, however, took less than two hours to crack the gold heist. Acting swiftly, they zeroed in on the suspect who happened to a worker at the shop.

Vijayawada police commissioner B Srinivasulu said the 23-year-old accused, identified as Vikram Kumar Lohar who worked as a caretaker at the jewellery shop, planned the entire scene as if he was robbed at knife point by unidentified miscreants. He even went to the extent of cutting his wrist with a blade and tying himself with a tape.

“The incident happened at around 9.20 am. The complaint was filed at 11 am after another caretaker, Gopal Singh, reached the shop and found Vikram tied up and bleeding inside the shop. Around 7 kilograms of gold ornaments, 19 kgs of silver and Rs 42 lakh in cash were found to be missing. Police and clues team soon reached the spot and collected fingerprints,” Srinivasulu said.

“The fingerprints were found to be matching with Vikram’s. The cops also found that all CCTV cameras in the shop has been deactivated. They then checked the CCTV cameras outside the shop and found Vikram carrying a blue bag and walking out of the store at 9 am. Further questioning made him blurt out everything. He was found to have hidden the entire booty inside an abandoned shop in the same complex and was waiting for a chance to flee with the cash and gold.

Shop owner Raju Singh Charan told cops that as he had to close the shop due to the Covid-19 lockdown, he didn’t get time to take out the gold and silver ornaments from the shop. Accused Vikram was appointed about 40 days ago as his entire team was stuck in Rajasthan. Police are investigating if anyone else was involved with Vikram in the crime.

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